About Us

elaineElaine Butler-Doolin is the founder of Bespoke Beauty, a past winner of the IBPA Beauty Therapist of the Year (Face), Elaine has been in the Beauty industry for the past 20 years. During this time she has been the beauty therapist for Hollywood A-lister’s and worked with some of the biggest names in beauty. She has also been the Beauty Editor for the prestigious Social & Personal magazine for over 4 years, and has also been the main Presenter of the hugely succesful TV series ‘Celebrity Salon’.

Through her Beauty writing & TV Presenting, Elaine is at the forefront of beauty and is privy to the latest treatment methods, technologies and products in the Beauty world.

“People are tired of ‘production-line’ beauty salons & spa’s where there is a high turnover of staff and the customer never knows which Therapist they will have from one visit to the next. When I started out in Beauty we were taught to build up a relationship with your clients – beauty is a very personal thing and as such the client should feel at ease with, and know, the therapist whom looks after them. It is this value, amongst others which have disappeared from beauty salon’s, which I aim to redress in Bespoke Beauty” says Elaine.